Signs You May Have a Water Leak

Signs You May Have a Water Leak


Commonly Asked Questions: How do I know if I have a water leak in my house?

Signs You May Have a Water Leak

For most businesses and homeowners, the thought of an unidentified water leak is a nightmare. While water sustains human and plants life, it is like cancer to most human-made structures. Additionally, if it isn’t caught and addressed early enough, it can wreak havoc on your premises. Dealing with the consequences of a water leak can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention what it might cost to fix any water and structural damage. Knowing the signs you may have a water leak is important to maintain your home’s health.

To prevent this eventuality, you must pay more attention to your plumbing system. This way, you’ll notice if something is amiss, allowing you to seek plumbing services in Orange, CA, as soon as possible. But that’s easier said than done. Leaks hidden inside the walls, ceiling, or slab foundation can be difficult to detect, especially if you’ve never experienced a leak before.

Do It Right Plumbers has prepared a list of signs you may have a water leak in your home. 

Higher Water Bills

Have you noticed that your water bills are steadily getting higher and higher even though your water usage is pretty much the same? You may be paying for water that you haven’t even used. A dripping faucet losing water at the rate of one drip per second can waster up to 3,000 gallons of water a year, which is equivalent to 180 showers. A leaky toilet is even more wasteful, with an average leaking toilet wasting more than 6,000 gallons a month, all on your dime. 

If you notice your water bills are increasing, check your water usage when no one is home. Please write down the numbers on your meter before you leave and check them when you return. If the meter has moved, you should contact a plumbing company in Orange, CA, for an inspection. 

Excessive Water Usage

Homeowners should check their winter water usage during January or February, recommends the US Environmental Protection Agency. Our friends over at McQuillan Brothers, an emergency plumber in St. Paul, MN, explains that this is when many of their customers realize they may have a water leak problem. A leaking pipe, faucet, or toilet will increase the amount of water consumed by the household, even if no one is actually using it. Even if you’ve recently increased your water usage, it shouldn’t exceed 12,000 gallons a month for a family of four. If you notice the household has been consuming more water, you should probably seek plumbing services in Orange, CA, to prevent more costly repairs down the lines.

Water Stains

You know things are getting worse if there are visible water stains. Dark spots or discoloration on the ceilings or floors point to an underlying water leak. If the leak is at the slab foundation, it won’t be easy to spot unless you have an accessible basement. A leaking sink or water heater will also cause stains on the wood flooring or particle board around it. If the leak isn’t addressed at this stage, you could be looking at some serious structural damage and very costly repairs down the line. To prevent this from happening, contact Do It Right Plumbers for repairs as soon as you spot water stains. 

Mold and Mildew

These two thrive in the moist environments created by a persistent and unaddressed leak. On top of spoiling the aesthetics of your home, mold can cause upper respiratory issues and irritate individuals with allergies and asthma. Those with weaker immune systems like the elderly, children, and infants are more likely to suffer from mold-related illnesses and sustain long term damage, says the US Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

On top of that, mold will also damage wood, dry wood, and other materials. Contacting professional plumbers in Orange County will protect your family’s health and prevent extensive damage to your home. 


A leaking water inlet or faucet will create the perfect conditions for rust. And as the rust takes root and spreads, it can eat into your faucets as well as your sinks. If your home is older, chances are it has galvanized steel pipes or drains prone to leaks. In fact, the root cause of leaks in older homes is older steel pipes that have developed rust and corroded. Contacting your Orange, CA plumber to replace the pipes with modern PVC piping will reduce your chances of experiencing a costly and time-consuming plumbing failure down the line. 

Reduced Water Pressure

Are your faucets and showers producing water at a lower than usual pressure? You may have a water leak. When you leak into the system, less water runs through the pipes at any given moment, thus reducing the pressure. So if you notice a sudden decrease in water pressure, especially if no other fixtures in the house are being used, contact a plumbing company in Orange County right away. It could save you costly repairs down the road. 

Signs You May Have a Water Leak

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Although plumbing seems complicated, homeowners can ensure their plumbing system stays healthy by monitoring it regularly and reporting any issues to plumbers in Orange County. Are you interested in water leak detection in OC? Contact Do It Right Plumbers today for a consultation. We’d love to help!

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