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Plumbing Services

Your Trusted Neighborhood Plumber.

Providing Full-Range Services at Competitive Prices.

Do It Right Plumbers OC

Emergency Plumbing Services

We know that dealing with a plumbing problem can be incredibly stressful, which is why we are dedicated to making sure that your issue doesnโ€™t completely shut down your life. We do our best to get to you same day.ย 

plumbing financing

Priority Service For Club Members

Our Do It Right Club membership makes sure youโ€™ll always receive timely service and your home will always be protected. For just $9.00 per month, our Do It Right Club Membership makes sure that you always receive priority service.

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Plumbing Repair & Installation

We provide a wide range of plumbing solutions at competitive prices. We love helping you diagnose and solve your plumbing issues big and small. From water heater leaks, equipment change outs, to no-dig pipe repair. We do it all!


At Do It Right Plumbers, we handle things differently. This means providing the services you need, when you need them, while always treating out customers with the respect they deserve. This high level of service has given us a reputation in the industry, one that allows every home and business owner we help to rest assured that they are getting the best services for their plumbing problems.
drain and sewer orange county ca

Our Team Is Happy To Help Solve Your Sewer & Drain Issues Quickly And Efficiently.

drain cleaning orange county ca

Clogged Drains In Orange County Are Common. Our Expertise In Drain Cleaning Will relieve Your Issue.

whole home water purification orange county

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Whole Home Water Treatment Options.

water heater repair orange county ca

Water Heater Service Can Entail Repair or Replacement. Our Licensed Plumbers Are Happy To Help.

leak detection orange county ca

Our Water Leak Detection Services Are Designed To Identify And Solve The Issue Quickly.

gas line service orange county ca

Gas Line Leaks Can Be Extremely Dangerous. We Offer Repair & Installation Services.

toilet installation orange county

Leave Toilet Repair, Installation and Replacement To The Pros. Contact Us Today To Schedule.

sink and faucet orange county ca

Our Professional Plumbers Will Gladly Solve your Sink & Faucet Problems Quickly.

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Emergency Plumbing Services

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