Should I Replace My Toilet?

Should I replace my toilet


Commonly Asked Questions: Can I repair my broken toilet? Should I replace my toilet instead?

Should I Replace My Toilet?

Have you been wondering, “should I replace my toilet?” Many different factors come into play when making a big decision like this. Toilets are, without a doubt, the most important plumbing fixture in the house. Taken for granted by many, the importance of a working toilet is usually felt when it stops working correctly, and you have to call your emergency plumber in Orange, CA

Although plenty of plumbing issues that affect toilets can be easily remedied, it’s sometimes more economical to replace it with a new toilet. However, this ‘nuclear’ option should only be taken when it is necessary. Buying a new toilet and installing it won’t be cheap, and replacing a toilet that only needs a few repairs doesn’t make economic sense. So how would you know when to replace your toilet? 

Do It Right Plumbers has prepared a list of problems that would require you to replace your toilet rather than repair it.

Too Many Toilet Repairs

If you find yourself devoting every weekend or every other weekend to deal with a faulty toilet, it may be time to pull the plug and get a new one. An average toilet has more than 10 working parts, including the tank lever, flush valve, flush valve chain, and inlet valve, all of them at risk of wear and tear. Although repairing them is relatively easy, it isn’t cheap, and if different components keep breaking down and requiring repair, the costs will quickly add up. It’s best to ask a professional  Orange CA plumbers what is the most economically sound choice.

The Toilet is Old

Not only do older toilets require more water to flush out waste, increasing your water bill, but they are also more likely to fall into disrepair. Although some sellers claim their toilets can last up to 50 years, any toilet older than 25 years should be replaced, according to the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Before this policy went into effect, toilets used 3.5 to 5 gallons of water per flush. Now,  modern toilets must have a flush volume of 1.6 gallons per flush. If your toilet is older than 25 years, opting for a new toilet installation in Orange, CA, will save water and the money spent on water bills and constant repairs. 

It Clogs Frequently

There’s nothing as infuriating as a frequently clogged toilet. Although most toilets clog occasionally, it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. How often do you have to plunge your toilet to keep the flushing action smooth and fast? If you have to do it regularly, it’s probably time to replace it. Older low flush toilets that require more than one flush also experience frequent clogs. Contacting a plumbing company in Orange, CA, will allow you to determine whether the problem is further down the pipeline or with the toilet itself and which steps you should take to remedy it.

The Toilet Isn’t Flushing.

While some older toilets may require two or three flushes to work effectively, a toilet that isn’t flushing is a serious problem. When this happens, some people usually make it worse by poking around the toilet to dislodge whatever seems to be preventing the flushing action. If you’ve tried plunging the toilet to no success and a plumbing company in Orange County like Do it Right Plumbers has ruled out any other plumbing issues, your only option may be to replace the toilet. 

The Toilet is Leaking

Did you know that the average running toilet can waste up to 6,000 gallons of water a month? And the worst thing is that this usually goes unnoticed until the water bill comes in. If your household has more than one running toilet, you could be looking at super high water bills. It is usually caused when the flapper doesn’t seal, which can be temporarily fixed by wiggling the valve to fix the seal. However, if you find yourself doing this every other weekend, seek plumbing services in Orange County CA.

There is a Crack in The Tank or Bowl

Have you noticed puddles of water near the base of the toilet? In many cases, hairline cracks tend to go unnoticed, damaging the floor over time. Inspect the tank and bowl every time you clean the toilet for hairline cracks. Since tank cracks aren’t always visible, make sure you contact Do It, Right Plumbers for regular maintenance. Depending on the crack’s location, your plumber will advise you to either repair or replace the toilet. Most homeowners opt for a replacement if the crack is below the waterline. 

Should I replace my toilet

Toilet Services in Orange, CA

Don’t wait for an emergency for you to replace your toilet. Constant maintenance will enable you to keep an eye on your toilet’s health, allowing you to take notice if anything is amiss. Have you noticed any of the described signs in your toilet? It may be time for a toilet replacement in Orange, CA. Contact Do It Right Plumbers today for a consultation. We’re happy to help!

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