How To Know Which Drain Cleaning You Need: Snaking Vs. Hydro-Jetting

How To Know Which Drain Cleaning You Need: Snaking Vs. Hydro-Jetting


Drain Cleaning 101

Many people don’t know the difference between getting their drain cleared or cleaned. Both are important methods, yet are two very different procedures. Today, we will discuss the difference between each so you can determine which you need. However, if you still aren’t sure which will work better for your drain, an experienced plumber will be able to analyze your specific situation, diagnose the problem, and find the right procedure to repair your drain. Take a look below at the benefits and the differences between snaking and hydro-jetting today.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is when a machine uses a specialized nozzle that shoots high water pressure to thoroughly scrub and flush out years of build up. When you need to clean your main drain (also called a Sewer Line), hydro-jetting is the best option. Drain cleaning is important because drains become blocked by years of build up from grease, minerals, etc. If snaking your drain hasn’t solved the problem, then a good cleaning is most likely what your drain needs.

Why Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is the most effective solution for cleaning out a clogged drain. If you’ve been experiencing issues with your drain, whether in your kitchen sink or bathroom tub, then hydro-jetting is one of the most convenient options, as it has a higher capacity to clear out major clogs in your pipes. This is highly beneficial because it doesn’t just break up the clog like snaking. Rather, it completely washes out the “arteries of the drains”.

Another benefit of hydro-jetting is that its effects last much longer than the traditional snaking. Since hydro-jetting scrubs your sewer pipes clean rather than simply unclogging a stoppage, the result of those clean pipes have a much longer lifespan than snaking.

How To Determine When Your Drain Needs Snaking

When your drain is clogged with excess hair, toys or other materials that cause it to get backed up, snaking is the best method. A snaking machine clears your drain by threading a long cable with special blades down the drain until it reaches the stoppage. The snaking machine’s motor rotates and the blade at the end of the cable breaks up and dislodges the stoppage, providing clear access throughout the pipe.

An additional benefit of snaking is that it may provide awareness of a more significant issue such as tree roots in the line. Snaking is also a safer solution than hydro-jetting for older pipes, as they may be more fragile and susceptible to breakage from the high water pressure.

So Which One is Better?

Sometimes you can tell which method is needed, yet most of the time it may be difficult to determine. A snake machine can be rented from your locate hardware store, whereas a hydro-jetter is for professional use only. An experienced plumber will know if your drain needs snaking or hydro-jetting. As always, when in doubt, it is best to seek the advice and counsel of a professional. You can always count on Do It Right Plumbers for your residential or commercial plumbing services.

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