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Hydro Jetting

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Let Our Orange County Plumbers Clean Out Your Pipes!

Sometimes your pipes can get so clogged that you need more than a quick fix. Methods like snaking can address some clogged drain issues, but they don’t solve the issue of buildup in your pipes that may have accrued over a long period of time. Do It Right Plumbers offers pipe rejuvenation services that help make your pipes clean as a whistle and like-new again.

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Clear Out Your Pipes!

We can scrub out the insides of your pipes without having to dig up your yard or home! Our trained technicians use a method called hydro jetting to clear out any and all blockages inside your pipes. Hydro jetting (or “hydro scrubbing”) uses high water pressure to rinse out anything that’s clogging your drains, eliminating years of buildup.

Sludge and grime buildup can cause a snowball effect, as sludge and grime start to stick to the filth that’s already there. Our pipe rejuvenation methods clear the walls of the pipes so well that it’s too slippery for most grime to stick to the walls anymore. This is why pipe rejuvenation also works to prevent future clogs.

Pipe rejuvenation can remove buildup caused by:

  • Grease
  • Soap
  • Minerals
  • Food
  • Hair
  • Other Debris

Say Goodbye to Backed Up Pipes!

Clear out the years of grime from your pipes with our help. Our Orange County pipe rejuvenation services are affordable and we offer pricing upfront before we start the project! As trained specialists who care about you and your family’s home, we are here to help solve all of your drain and pipe problems.

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Over 700 5-Star Reviews

Our Customers Say It Best!

David did an amazing job at getting a very tough stuck drain unstuck. He was totally professional and spent almost three hours to make sure that he discovered the problem and solved it. On top of that the team on the phone was courteous and efficient in getting the appointment set up. If you need a plumber call them first... they are honest, and do great work. Simply the best!

Ernani D.
Orange, CA

Brennan at Do It Right Plumbers helped me with two issues in the past three months. He accurately found the location of a leaky drain pipe in the walls and repaired it. On a second visit, he installed a new toilet in the master bath. Brennan is always punctual and leaves the area spotless. The Do It Right support team is also very helpful. Will definitely call them again.

Gina F.
Orange, CA

Very easy to make an appointment, the woman at the dispatch office was cheerful and professional. Erik, the plumber, was here on time, efficiently checked over all pipes, fittings in the home and made repairs. Erik was very considerate and kind. Felt like the good old days, when you received really good service and there was a sense of pride from the people working there.

Cathy I.
Orange, CA

Do It Right Plumbers truly lives up to its name! The plumber showed up on time and took care of our clogged drains quickly. He also inspected some of our problem areas and made some recommendations for things we could do ourselves and areas that might need attention. He left the work area cleaner than he'd found it. He was neat, courteous, and professional. You can bet I'll call them again! HIGHLY recommended!

Nina V.
Orange, CA

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