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Directional Drilling

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Directional Drilling Service Orange County

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Orange County

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a method of trenchless sewer repair that involves repairing or replacing sewer pipes underground without digging up your yard or landscaping. Similar to pipe bursting, which involves using a machine to drag a large head underground to replace an old pipe with a new one, directional drilling involves drilling a tunnel underground and then pulling a new pipe through that path.

HDD allows our technicians to install new sewer lines without disturbing buildings or terrain above. This method is minimally disruptive to the earth and does not require digging up your property.

What's Involved?

The first step is drilling two holes, one at your home and the other near the city main. These two pilot holes determine the drill path. We drill the first hole on your property, and the second on a city curb. Again, the holes we make will be small and we will take care of patching everything up once we’re done.

Second, we insert a reaming tool underground to soften the soil along the drilling path to minimize the amount of force that the drill will have on the earth once the piping is pulled through. Finally, we pull a pressure pipe through the entire tunnel, using machinery at both ends of the path.

You might think that this method would be expensive and complicated, but the opposite is true! Trenchless sewer repair methods like this are actually less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional sewer repair because digging up trenches and re-filling them takes a lot more work and time than simply drilling a new pipe underground. If you need your sewer repair in Orange County, turn to our experienced technicians.


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It was a pleasure doing business with Do It Right Plumbers. Throughout the entire experience, their customer service was excellent, and Daniel, the plumber who worked on the project, was patient (answering all of my questions), as well as neat and efficient in his work. I highly recommend them.

Anne M.
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This contractor is the best plumber I can find in my area so far. Their excellent service starting from technician’s professional advice, The team of eight professionals complete my project in one day. They provide nothing but efficiency and excellences. I would highly recommend “Do It Right Plumbers” to all my fiends who need plumbing services.

Lewis C.
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Their team arrived punctually, put on shoe covers, gloves and masks, then went to work assessing the problem. Before long, they gave us a best and worst case estimate. In the end, our problem was solved and they had cleaned up, leaving the bathroom in better condition than they found it by far.

Diana K.
Orange, CA

Great job! My wife contacted one of their plumbers working in our neighborhood about doing some work and they responded quickly and showed up the next morning. Gilbert Rios was the plumber and did our job with great efficiency, He explained everything during the service. Will definitely use them again.

Gary W.
Orange, CA

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