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Collapsed & Offset Pipes

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Get Your Damaged Pipes Fixed in Orange County!

If you suspect that your sewer lines are damaged, it might be because your pipes are collapsed or have become offset. Sewer lines can become damaged by tree roots, water erosion, or the simple passage of time. Our Orange County plumbers know how to address any kind of pipe problem and can help make your sewer system as good as new.

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How Did My Pipes Collapse?

If drains are backing up in your home or your toilet isn’t flushing properly, your sewer pipes might be damaged and in need of repair or replacement.

Tree Roots Invaded

Tree roots naturally grow toward a water source, which means that they often go straight toward underground pipes to reach the moisture there. This weakens the pipes, allowing wastewater to escape and weaken the soil. When the soil gets wet, the pipes start to sag and collapse.

Weak Pipes Got Old

If your sewer line is made of Orangeburg pipes, they may simply be falling apart from age. Orangeburg pipes were created during WWII out of tar paper, which doesn’t last as long as metal. Moisture in the ground causes these pipes to weaken and deteriorate.

Flushed the Wrong Thing Down the Toilet:

Yes, your sewer problems might be caused by something going down the toilet that shouldn’t have. Your toilet and sewer line is only designed to handle toilet paper and human waste, so flushing things like other paper products or trash can clog up your pipes and cause water to build up. When water builds up, a pipe can burst.

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Get Your Pipes Fixed with Our Help!

At Do It Right Plumbers we are experts in all of the most effective methods of repairing and replacing damaged sewer pipes. We are specialized technicians, not pushy salespeople. You’ll know this right away when we give you an upfront price for the project; we don’t pay by the hour and we don’t add-on surprise fees.

Put an end to the inconvenience and get the job done right! We’ll either do it right the first time, or your job is completely free. Call Do It Right Plumbers today for top-notch pipe repair in Orange County.

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I felt confident with Darryl. He is experienced and knowledgeable. Also, he is a pleasant, happy person, nice to deal with. When I chose one of the 3 options offered, he got right to work and everything seemed to be smooth sailing.

Orange, CA

David did an amazing job at getting a very tough stuck drain unstuck. He was totally professional and spent almost three hours to make sure that he discovered the problem and solved it. On top of that the team on the phone was courteous and efficient in getting the appointment set up. If you need a plumber call them first... they are honest, and do great work. Simply the best!

Ernani D.
Orange, CA

Dakota was on time, extremely professional, and kept me informed through the entire call. We had a leak in the wall and he was able to locate and fix it within a few hours. I would recommend Do it Right Plumbers to anyone and specifically Dakota

Matt K.
Orange, CA

Brennan at Do It Right Plumbers helped me with two issues in the past three months. He accurately found the location of a leaky drain pipe in the walls and repaired it. On a second visit, he installed a new toilet in the master bath. Brennan is always punctual and leaves the area spotless. The Do It Right support team is also very helpful. Will definitely call them again.

Gina F.
Orange, CA

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