Plumbing FAQs - Part 1

As plumbers we see it all, from ruinous slab leaks to crusty shower heads, and we always tend to get the same questions. Here are some of the most popular questions we hear, and the answers to them:

  1. How much will this cost? Excellent question! You can call every plumber in your area asking for quotes over the phone, but it’s almost guaranteed that whatever number they give you isn’t what you’ll be paying. You wouldn’t ask your doctor to diagnose your illness over the phone, and you should think of us as doctors for the plumbing in your home. One of the most frequent issues we encounter is a homeowner who has a false impression of what it costs to fix their plumbing. Even sites like HomeAdvisor that claim to offer you insight into plumbing costs can only provide you with an average cost across the nation, but that average is calculated from costs reported in areas that can be much cheaper and much more expensive and is essentially useless. You wouldn’t care about the cost of unclogging a drain in a ritzy apartment in a Manhattan high-rise; you know it’s going to be astronomical because that’s what the market there is like. Similarly, the plumber who works in a small town in Arkansas is going to charge a fraction of a plumber in a populated suburban area because he has to price according to his market. And even when you narrow it down to just your area the price you see online or hear over the phone STILL won’t be quite right because nobody has come to see what the problem is.

    You say you have a leaky faucet, but do you know why? Is it the valve, the cartridge, high water pressure, or some other issue? Can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced? If it needs to be replaced is it a standard size and is your existing hardware compatible with it? Is the issue something covered by homeowners insurance? These are questions you might not know the answers to, and that’s okay! You’ve called a plumber because we’re the experts. Licensed and insured plumbers cost more than the typical handyman from Craigslist, but you’re paying for quality and the assurance that if anything goes wrong we’ll come fix it and make it right.
  1. Why are my drains backed up? There are many reasons a drain could be backed up. The most common cause is a local clog near the drain entry, caused by debris or build-up that blocks the flow of water. These clogs are relatively easy to fix with tools called Zippers or chemicals like Drano. Sometimes, however, clogs can be located further down the line than you can reach with normal tools, and they may be resistant to chemicals. These clogs can occur in the main line, which means they affect every connected drain in your home. So if you notice water draining slowly or backing up in more than one drain you may have a clog in your main line.
  1. Why does my toilet make a weird noise when I flush it? Your toilet is a collection of moving parts and valves, and some of them can get stuck or open incorrectly. Noises like howling, whining, groaning, and the like are all just vibrations caused by water or air rushing over a piece of the toilet in a way that causes it to vibrate at a specific frequency. Most often, this is due to the rubber flapper being either out of position or somewhat broken, and when water runs through it the flapper vibrates and produces noise just like when you rub your fingers over a balloon. Sometimes a sound that appears to come from your toilet is actually originating elsewhere, so if you hear any loud groaning, whining, or howling noises when you flush it’s safest to call a pro.

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