The Inspection Most Homeowners Forget

Discolored Water

If you turn on a faucet and see colored water, you should know what it means. Depending on the color it could be several different things:

Red, yellow or orange water - this can mean that there is rust in the water. Rust is not a health issue since it’s just iron, but it doesn’t taste or look very good and it can stain clothing. It forms from iron pipes that are very old and in need of replacing.

Green-blue water – this can be caused by the copper plumbing or brass fittings oxidizing with build-up. This can be a serious health issue if there are large quantities of copper in the water.

Cloudy-milky water - this can be caused by tiny air bubbles that are suspended in the water, or by sediment from the water heater if you’ve recently had it flushed. This is harmless but does look unsightly and can taste chalky.

Brown-yellow water - if you notice the cold water is clear but the hot water is brownish-yellow then there is a problem with the water heater. The seller should find out the problem and have it fixed.

Black water – black water is usually a sign of mold and the seller should have this fixed immediately. Do not bathe in, cook with, or drink black water under any circumstances.

Pure green water – This is almost always due to algae in the line. This require extensive cleaning to ensure the line is completely devoid of algae before using the water for anything other than watering your lawn.

Shut-Off Valve

Check to make sure that the shut-off valve for the property's water supply is working properly. Although the shut-off valve is replaceable, it is better to make sure in advance that it is working correctly. After the valve has been shut off, check the faucets to see if any water is still coming out. If you can still get water then your shutoff valve is not functioning properly and could allow major damage to occur if you ever spring a leak.

Hot Water Heater

Make sure your water heater is in good condition. If it’s an old water heater, this is an expense you will need to consider including when making an offer on the home. Water heaters are expensive to replace, so you want to make sure it will last awhile after you buy your new home. Make sure it’s been flushed recently, or you may be in for a sludgy surprise when you take a shower!

Water Pressure

It's a personal preference but most people prefer to have higher water pressure, especially when taking a shower. Check to see if the water pressure is adequate at the closest and furthest faucets from the water main. If you experience low water pressure you should check the Pressure Reducing Valve near the water line coming into your home to ensure it’s in proper working order, and if that isn’t the culprit then there may be a leak somewhere in the home.

Toilets and Sewer

Make sure to flush every toilet and watch to make sure they empty and refill correctly. Toilet tune-ups are cheap, but running toilets can cost you hundreds of dollars a year if left alone. You also need to find out what type of sewage system you are dealing with. If there is a septic tank for your home you’ll want to find out when it was installed and have someone check to see how full it is or if it’s in good condition. Also look to see if it’s single or double, and where the lines are run through your property in case you do any excavations in the future so you don’t accidentally burst one of those lines and spray raw sewage everywhere.

Check around these areas to see if there is standing water or any sign of sewage seeping out of the ground. These are expensive problems to ignore so take care of them quickly to avoid much more expensive repairs.

Even if everything looks fine to the naked eye don’t buy a home before having a professional inspect the plumbing. The vast majority of home damage is caused by faulty plumbing, so it’s the first thing you want to take care of.

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