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  • Garbage Disposal No No's
    Garbage Disposal No No's

    What can’t I put in my garbage diposal? Garbage disposal units, food waste disposers, that awful thing that someone thought it was a good idea to wire to the switch you always hit when you’re trying ...

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  • Plumbing FAQs - Part 2
    Plumbing FAQs - Part 2

    As plumbers we see it all, from ruinous slab leaks to crusty shower heads, and we always tend to get the same questions. Here are some of the most popular questions we hear, and the answers to them: ...

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  • Where Does My Water Come From?
    Where Does My Water Come From?

    The water coming into your home often travels miles to get there, picking up all sorts of additional contaminants along the way. Water contaminants can, at worst, cause serious issues with your ...

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  • The Inspection Most Homeowners Forget
    The Inspection Most Homeowners Forget

    Discolored Water If you turn on a faucet and see colored water, you should know what it means. Depending on the color it could be several different things: • Red, yellow or orange water - this can ...

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