Plumbing Made Easy. Love, Mom. (Part 2)

You’re having company over and decide to quickly marinate some chicken before the baby wakes up (I know, sometimes my ideas aren’t the greatest). Your hands are slowly spreading marinade all over the chicken and then you hear it— the cry. The baby’s awake. The baby’s awake? Oh no! I mean, yippee (the socially correct response). You make a dash to the sink to wash your hands but you have gunk all over them and can’t manage to turn on the faucet. Awesome. The baby is crying and you’re making a salmonella mess all over the place. The baby is crying, and now you’re busy cleaning the faucet and just hold on, because the baby is crying and one second, ahhhh.

Yeah, never again.

Hands-Free meet: Touch Activated Faucet

Megan Touch Faucet

Turn the faucet on with a tap.

Make turning on and off the faucet easy, and clean, by doing it with one touch. Be it your wrist, your elbow, your nose, whatever, just get the sink to turn on so you can wash your hands and cater to your newly awake baby! Have you ever tried to wash a baby’s hands in the sink and they’re flailing all around making water and soap everywhere? Just me? Oh. Well now I don’t have that issue. I can hold the baby and wash their hands, quickly and efficiently. I can even use the baby’s hands to turn on or off the water. It’s that easy. I make holding a baby and washing their hands while another child climbs up my leg look easy, and that isn’t a humble brag. It’s simple and can be your reality too. Just tap the faucet anywhere on the spout or handle, and the water turns on or off. You got this. You don’t need that third hand after all! You have the one touch faucet.

All restaurants have hands free faucets – so why shouldn’t you? Why make an already difficult job more difficult. Get the hands free faucet. The only draw back? When you go to someone else’s house who hasn’t heard this masterful secret, and they don’t have it! There you are tap, tap, tapping, only to realize, ohhhhh, I gotta share the news. There are numerous touch activated faucets that are pretty too.

So, whether for convenience or cleanliness, rinsing fruit or dishes, cleaning baby hands or filling up a large pot of pasta water, it all becomes an effortless task. I LOVE our faucet. And our friends love it too. Except my father-in-law, he’s not into it, so fine! You can still activate the water the old fashioned way: by using the lever. The lever only has to be in the “on” position to perform magic.

Plumbing is not a glamorous topic, and frankly, either is parenting. So with the above simple changes to your home, you can have a little ease throughout the day, more peace of mind, and time (!!!) to do what matters. Love your kids. Love, Mom.