Plumbing Made Easy. Love, Mom. (Part 1)

Imagine that it’s the end of the day and you’re holding a baby in one hand while chasing your toddler (or in my case, two toddlers) down the hallway —it’s bath time. It’s taking forever for the water to heat up and my audience is not feeling the spa vibe. Why can’t things just be a little easier? Like, just a little??

Wait…they can?

The endless wait for hot water at the kitchen sink

Instant Hot Water meet: Recirculating Pump

If it takes more than 10-20 seconds to get hot water ANYWHERE in your house, then what you need is a recirculating pump. It doesn’t matter where the water heater is (I mean, do you even know? I don’t). A recirculating pump ensures that all your pipes will have hot water at an instant’s notice (said my husband, the plumber). Without a recirculating pump, the hot water in your pipes cools down very quickly and the only way to get fresh hot water is to “push” the existing cold water out of your pipes, which is very wasteful. Our tub would literally take 5 minutes to warm up which wasted 20 gallons of water, EVERY DAY! (Yes, my husband did the math).

Ok, we got off track a little, but the bottom line is a recirculating pump is the answer you’ve been looking for. All you do is push a button (or you can have it on a timer). This button can be anywhere in your house. You push the button, and within seconds, you have warm water throughout your home. A recirculating pump ensures that your laundry is being cleaned with hot water- so your clothes and sheets and towels can get clean, like really clean. Did you know that if your water doesn’t warm up timely, you are washing your clothes in cold water “even if” you are using the warm cycle?

There are several types of recirculating pumps that accommodate different hot water needs. To find out more about how you can save water AND get the instant hot water that you need AND save money long term, contact Do It Right Plumbersonline or call, 949-566-8220. Seriously. They know what’s up.

Plumbing is not a glamorous topic, and frankly, either is parenting. So with the above easy changes to your home, you can have a little ease throughout the day, more peace of mind, and time (!!!) to do what matters. Love your kids. Love, Mom.

What other plumbing tips do you want to hear about? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!