Do Your Kids Drink the Bathwater?

It’s bathtime! Oh, bathtime.

Bathtub water

Yup, we’re back to talking about bathtime. Here’s an important question for you: do your kids constantly drink the bathwater? Yeah, mine too; sigh. They all do! Why? I have even brought water bottles into the bathroom in case they wanted a sip during their dip. But,nope – bathwater prevailed. Why? I don’t get it. Any theories, I would love to hear them. So while we have no time to get into the psychological undertones that drives the child mind, what we do know, is they all do it, and when they do it – yuck!

Ok, not to be all “drama”, but many people are unaware that their water is full of chemicals and contaminants that can cause damage to their plumbing system, can irritate skin and ew, can smell and taste bad. Yet some further reasons for our kiddos to stick to the good stuff. And we have a solution for you! But until then, a bit more drama: Chlorine and Chloramine are used extensively by municipalities to get rid of harmful bacteria, but in their wake they wreak havoc on our bodies and our home. Would you take a shower using water from your pool?

Don’t ask your kids that, ask an adult. And invest in…a whole house filtration system.

Fresh Water meet: Whole House Filtration System

Can you imagine that out of every faucet and spout in your home, you can have better-than-bottled-quality drinking water? It is possible with a filtration system for your entire house. A Whole House Filtration system is highly effective at reducing and/or removing chlorine, chloramines, and other by-products from all of your household water. Imagine better tasting water. Better smelling water. Better hair. Softer skin! Cleaner clothes! And drinkable bathwater! Oh my! Wait – that last one is still questionable. But the fact remains, that a Whole House Filtration system enables you to drink bottled-water quality from every plumbing fixture in your abode.

There is one drawback: a high-quality filtration system with proper installation can be a costly endeavor (we’re talking $2,500-$10,000 depending on the nature of your residence). However, these systems last for 10+ years and will eliminate having to buy, haul and store bottled water…yes, please! It truly is a comfort knowing that the water I wash my hands with, the water I clean my hair with, the water that cleans my clothes, and my dishes and my dog! Is all filtered, clean, superb water. And it makes a difference. A big difference. So think about it – and when you do, the answer is crystal clear (water!).