Drain Cleaning Tips For Your Home

A Drain Cleaning Pro Can Solve Your Clogging Problems

A home that doesn’t experience any kind of plumbing problem is rare. There can be nothing more frustrating than dealing with a clogged drain. Whether you’re dealing with a clogged kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower drain, toilet drain or floor drain, a clogging problem can occur at any point in time for a variety of different reasons. There are specific techniques used for each type of clog, so it is highly important to find a drain cleaning professional to solve these common drain clogging issues.

Drain Cleaning Tips For Your Toilet

Toilets account for a large amount of a home’s water usage. There are plenty of causes that can create a toilet clogging issue. Some of them can be solved by a home quick fix solution like a plunger and others may require the use of a professional plumber. Receiving drain cleaning services can help alleviate these common toilet clogging causes.

Toilet Paper Stuffing

Overfilling a toilet with toilet paper accounts for most toilet clogging problems. Every toilet has its limits and it is important to know what it can and can’t flush. Practicing a simple courtesy flush is all you need to avoid having to grab a plunger.

Waste Buildup

Overtime, an accumulation of waste can cause a toilet clog. If you regularly flush small items like cotton balls or floss, they can get caught on any part of your piping. Similarly, if you flush items that don’t dissolve well like baby wipes, diapers, and cigarette butts, they’ll begin to fill up your piping quickly. As time goes by, this will add up and prevent other items from going down the drain. Avoid throwing these items in your toilet to keep your drains clear of any excess waste.

Drain Cleaning Tips For The Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is important to a variety of household activities. A working kitchen sink is essential to a vast majority of those activities. When it is clogged, it can have many negative effects on your day to day activities. There can be several reasons for a clogged kitchen sink and understanding all of them can be both time consuming and frustrating. Knowing these causes can help you avoid having to find a sink replacement.

Food Caught In The Drain

Food getting stuck in the drain is one of the most common causes for a clogged kitchen sink. The food left on dishes can easily fall into the drain and stick to the walls, causing it to clog. By throwing away the larger food pieces into the trashcan, you can decrease your chances of causing a bad clog.


Grease may not seem like a drain clogging culprit but it is another common cause of kitchen sink clogs. Grease can effectively run down a drain in its liquid form, but when it solidifies, it can easily stick to the walls of a drain. Alone, it may not clog a sink, but all the particles that come down a sink on a daily basis can stick to the hard grease and cause problems.

A Drain Cleaning Professional Can Fix Your Clogging Problems

Cleaning your drains regularly can solve problems that can potentially become plumbing nightmares. A plumbing company that offers drain cleaning services can help you avoid the frustrations of dealing with a clogged drain and check for any other potential drain problems. You can rest easy knowing your toilet, kitchen sinks, and showers will work when you need them to.