Plumbing for Homebuyers

Don’t let the weight of plumbing problems keep you down when you’re getting ready to move! We’ve put together a checklist for potential homeowners so you have a better idea of what to check out when inspecting your new home.

Don’t just check inside

The pipes and faucets outside the home are even more susceptible to damage and erosion, and can cause additional damage to your property and even the property of neighbors if they leak or burst.

Check the water pressure

Faucets, sinks, and showers are all great indicators of the general health of any home’s plumbing, and you’ll want to get them checked out so there won’t be any surprises later. Look for signs of buildup or corrosion, and make sure the water pressure feels around the same at each fixture when the valves are fully opened.

Check for corrosion

A corroded pipe can become a leaky pipe in an instant, so even if you don’t notice a leak right now you want to be extra careful with corrosion. Corroded pipes are a common problem for homes across the U.S., and you don’t want to have to deal with a costly flooding and repiping. If you notice corrosion, hire a professional to inspect and fix the issue.

Check the water heater

Ensure the water heater works properly and ask for service records from the current owners. Water heaters should be checked every 4-6 months, and should be fully flushed every year to prevent sediment from building up. The average water heater has a lifespan of 8-12 years, so if it’s older than that you should ask to have it replaced. Any older than that and you risk a major failure, not to mention the gross sludge and sediment that builds up over the years.

Check the toilets for clogs

Check every toilet by flushing it and waiting for the fill cycle to end. Make sure the handle doesn’t stick, and look to see if all the water exits the bowl when flushing. If there are any inconsistencies it’s a good idea to have a plumber come and fix it before you’re stuck in the bathroom with a toilet that doesn’t flush away everything you need it to.

Get ready to crawl

You’ll want to check every part of your future house, including the crawlspaces, for water damage and leaky pipes. You don’t want to move into your new home just to find that a pipe in your basement has been leaking for the past two years causing extensive and expensive damage to the surrounding area. It’s best to hire a local professional plumber to inspect your new house because they have experience with similar homes in your area and know where the most common issues are found.

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