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Many homes in Orange County suffer from poor water quality, and it affects every part of your plumbing. From nasty build-up in your water heater and on your faucets and fixtures, to the chlorine smell of our tap water, to the pinhole and slab leaks that are almost inevitable, our poor water quality is costing us more than most people realize. So when a homeowner in San Juan Capistrano came to us for a leak in their home we knew exactly what was happening and how to keep it from happening for a very long time. We installed a HALO 5-Stage Filtration and Conditioning system, designed to improve the water entering his home’s plumbing so it wouldn’t corrode his plumbing and fixtures and decrease their lifespan, make it taste better from the tap, and even make showers more effective by removing the sediment and minerals that dry out your skin which are inserted into the water by the SJC Water Department to help sterilize it on the way to your home.

The HALO 5 system, as its name suggests, has 5 distinct stages for water to go through before it enters your home.

Stage 1: Granular Activated Carbon

  • This stage is for the general removal of chlorine, chloramines, gases, fyes, fuels, heavy metals, disinfectants, pesticides, trihalomethanes (TTHM), sodium hypochlorite, undesirable odors, undesirable taste, and volatile organic compounds.
  • It catches the majority of undesired substances from your water supply

Stage 2: Centaur High Activity Carbon

  • This stage is designed specifically to remove additional free chlorine from the water supply, so your water tastes and smells just like the bottled stuff. It also is known for providing water with a high “polish”, which means it will even feel different in your hands when compared to normal water.

Stage 3: Filter-AG Plus

  • This filter is designed to remove particulate matter down to the 5 micron or less range and is responsible for reducing overall turbidity (cloudiness) of the water coming in. Cloudiness is not necessarily a health issue, but it certainly is an aesthetic one if you pour a glass of water for yourself and it ends up looking cloudy instead of clear.

Stage 4: High Density Garnet Filter Media

  • Garnet is a very hard, dense material, and it functions to filter water down to the 10-20 micron range as well as providing physical support for the other layers of the filtration media.

Stage 5: HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner

  • This final stage of the system is what’s known as the “conditioner”. It ensures that not only will the water entering your home’s plumbing not cause build-up, but it will actually help remove scale and build-up from your pipes over time. Calcium and magnesium are the primary culprits of sediment build-up and scale in home plumbing, and this stage is responsible for altering the ionization of these molecules so that they do not contribute to scale and instead remain in suspension in the water.

So what separates the HALO 5 System from other whole-home water filtration systems? Maintenance! With most other systems the filters are small and designed to be replaced every six months to one year, which really adds up. There’s also the issue of water wastage during the backflush process. The backflush is the process by which the filter cleans itself and resettles the media in each stage to avoid the issue of water simply wearing down easy paths through the system and avoiding filtration. Many systems use just as much water to backflush as they filter, meaning you’re using twice as much water during the flushing sequence. The HALO 5 system uses up to 30% less water than other filtration systems during the backflush process, giving it a huge advantage over other brands.

We recommend something like the HALO system for any homeowner who has experienced pinhole leaks, slab leaks, water heater failure, scale build-up, corrosion of fixtures, or generally poor water quality from the taps in their home.

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