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  • Holiday Tips - Part 3!
    Holiday Tips - Part 3!

    Orange County Shower Plumber There’s something to be said for enjoying a long, hot shower after a long, cold night in the winter months. But when you, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your ...

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  • Holiday Tips - Part 2!
    Holiday Tips - Part 2!

    A house full of people can lead to all kinds of problems, but most of them are superficial. One problem, however, can ruin the entire holiday mood. Clogged toilets are never a good way to celebrate ...

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  • Holiday Tips - Part 1
    Holiday Tips - Part 1

    It’s that time of year again, when every family member you’ve missed (or avoided) comes over to celebrate the holidays at your home, and with that comes the special anxiety of not knowing whether your ...

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  • Garbage Disposal No No's
    Garbage Disposal No No's

    Garbage disposals are designed to grind up a variety of different kinds of food waste so they can be conveniently discarded down the sewer line. However, there are some kinds of food and waste that ...

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  • Plumbing FAQs - Part 2
    Plumbing FAQs - Part 2

    As plumbers we see it all, from ruinous slab leaks to crusty shower heads, and we always tend to get the same questions. Here are some of the most popular questions we hear, and the answers to them: ...

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  • Where Does My Water Come From?
    Where Does My Water Come From?

    The water coming into your home often travels miles to get there, picking up all sorts of additional contaminants along the way. Water contaminants can, at worst, cause serious issues with your ...

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