Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement

Need a Water Heater Replacement Orange County


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Do I need a water heater replacement or a water heater repair?

Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement

For most households in Orange, CA, hot water is an important aspect of everyday life. We use it to shower and bathe, wash laundry, clean dishes, and cook. You probably don’t stop to think about how much you rely on the water heater until a problem arises. On average, a single person will use water of varying warmth up to 20 times per day, which is already a lot, but when that usage is multiplied by the number of household members, it becomes clear just how much work water heaters do.

Water heaters usually go through thousands of cycles of heating, and this process isn’t easy on its internal components. But even though you know your water heater will eventually break down, you shouldn’t wait for it to happen. Watching out for signs of wear and tear will allow you to get ahead of most issues and prevent you from paying major plumbing costs down the line. If you notice any of the following signs, contact Do it Right Plumbing as soon as possible to have the issue addressed.

Your Water Heater is Too Old

Even the best-made water heaters will wear down with age. Most water heaters last an average of 8 to 10 years, and around the end of their lifetime, they will be plagued with plenty of issues. The problem is, most homeowners are unaware of when their water heaters were installed. So, they only realize how old the heater is once it starts breaking down. Depending on how frequently the heater was used and whether or not it was properly maintained, its lifespan maybe even shorter than a decade.

To see how old your heater is, check the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker that is normally found on the upper half of the tank. The first two numbers are usually the year of the manufacturer, but you can also look it up on the manufacturer’s website just to be sure. If your heater is older than 10 years, you should reach out to a water heater replacement company in Orange, CA.

Rusty Hot Water

One of steel’s only weaknesses is rust. If you notice that only the hot water from the faucets in your sink and bathtub is rusty or brown, chances are your water heater is rusting. Left unchecked, rust may eat through the heater and cause a leak, increasing the risk of water damage and a burst water heater, which is the absolute last thing anyone wants. Rust around the water inlet or pressure relief is also a sign of rust in the water heater. 

Rusty water can also be caused by rusty pipes. If your piping system uses galvanized pipes, it is very likely they will rust with age. To find out whether the rusty water is as a result of the pipes or heater, drain several buckets worth of water from the tank. If by the third bucket the water is still rusty, the water heater is most definitely the problem. Either way, this isn’t an issue you can fix on your own. Contact Do it Right Plumbing, and our team of professionals will come out and evaluate your water heater and plumbing pipes

Knocking Noises in the Water Heater

Do you hear rumbling or knocking noises deep within the water heater whenever it is on? The loudness will increase as the heater ages, and it is usually caused by sediment buildup. As the water heater constantly heats and reheats water, sediment starts to form and build up at the bottom. Over time, the sediment hardens and grows thicker along the tank floor, causing the heater to wear down quicker. 

The sediment buildup consumes energy and prevents the heater from sufficiently heating up the water. This means it will take longer to heat water, exposing the tank to heat cycles for extended periods of time. This can make the metal brittle and cause cracks and eventually leaks. As you can see, a noisy water heater shouldn’t be ignored or tolerated. If you notice any noise from your water heater, contact a professional plumber for water heater installation in Orange County today.

Water Leaks

The rule of thumb is that if you notice a leak in your house, contact a plumber right away. An older water heater is more likely to spring a leak. Depending on where in the house, the heater is located, a leak could result in substantial water and structural damage. Leaks occur when the constant heating and reheating cycles cause the metal in the tank to expand, leading to fractures that eventually start leaking. Additionally, spotting water on the ground around the tank may not always be a leak.

Check the connections to the tank as well as the temperature/pressure overflow pipe to make sure. If the leak is as a result of the fittings as well as the heater, you will still need a professional plumbing company in Orange County to come in and examine it. 

Need a Water Heater Replacement Orange County

Time for a Water Heater Replacement

Replacing a water heater is a big financial decision, so don’t wait to talk to a professional. Watching out for signs of wear and tear will allow you to stay on top of repair and maintenance. When the time comes to replace or repair your water heater, you can always turn to Do It Right Plumbers. Contact Do it Right Plumbing today for a consultation.

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