Ways To Reduce Your Orange CA Water Bill

Ways To Reduce Your Orange CA Water Bill


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Why are my Home Water Bills So High?

Ways To Reduce Your Orange CA Water Bill

Interested in ways to reduce your Orange CA water bill? We are here to help! Living in Southern California, it is important to try to conserve water as much as we possibly can. In addition to reducing your monthly bill, reducing your water usage can also greatly benefit the environment. 

Today on the blog, our experienced plumbers share easy tips on how to conserve and reduce your water usage in Orange, California. 

Conserving Water in Orange CA

Our team came up with the simplest, most effective ways to easily reduce your water usage in your Orange home:

Repair any leaky pipes in your home.

If you have any type of drips or leaks in your home, repair them immediately! Typical household leaks waste gallons and gallons of water each day, without their homeowners even realizing it. If you suspect that you may have any type of leak in your California home, contact your Orange county plumber immediately. 

Lessen your shower time.

Even though so many of us love to stand in the shower and feel the hot water on our faces, it isn’t the best thing for the environment. Taking a shorter shower is a simple and fast way to drastically cut back on your water usage, making a friendly impact on both your environment and water bill.

Turn your faucets off when you are not directly using them.

When you’re brushing your teeth, do you leave the water running the entire time? Many of us are guilty of doing this in our home, yet it is such a waste of water. Next time you’re brushing your teeth, turn that faucet off! This is a sure way to reduce your water usage each and every day. 

Water your lawn in a smart manner.

Our team understands that many homeowners want a green, beautiful lawn. However, you can water your grass in such a way that still reduces water usage. Only water your plants and lawn when absolutely  necessary, and do it in the morning or night before the sun is super strong. By doing this, the water won’t evaporate as quickly in the sun.

Plan your garden around water conservation.

If you’re thinking of adding new plants to your yard or starting a garden, our team recommends looking at plants that require less water than others. By planting these types of plants in your garden, you will cut down your watering frequency immensely. Additionally, if you use mulch in your garden, your plants will retain more water over time.

Utilize your dishwasher and washing machines in a more conservative way.

These two appliances make our lives way easier. However, these two appliances also use the most water in our homes. A simple way to easily conserve more water in your home each week is to use them in a smarter way. Use your dishwasher only a few times a week, with a full load every time. Do larger loads of laundry, as opposed to multiple smaller loads throughout the week. 


Tips To Reduce Your Water Bill From Your Trusted OC Plumber

By following these tips detailed above, Orange homeowners can easily conserve more water in their homes each and every day. How do you conserve water in your home? Our team would love to hear about your family’s unique conservation efforts. 

At Do It Right Plumbers, we are here to help you with any of your home plumbing needs. If you have a slab leak or are in need of an Orange county plumbing repair, contact our top-rated team today.

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