Holiday Tips – Part 2

Holiday Tips Part 2

Tips to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly During Holiday Season

A house full of people can lead to all kinds of problems, but most of them are superficial. One problem, however, can ruin the entire holiday mood. Clogged toilets are never a good way to celebrate the season!

How to keep your toilet running smoothly when family comes over for the holidays:

Search for and purchase toilet paper designed to dissolve rapidly in the presence of water. 

Usually this can be found in camping sections of department stores or online and is just a little more per roll than standard toilet paper but it can save you a world of headaches when you have a house full of guests. The reason it’s so useful is that, even if a guest uses too much toilet paper and causes a clog, it will simply dissolve away in a few minutes with no effort on your part. It’s also great for RV’s and mobile homes, and is safe for use with septic systems.

Purchase a good plunger for your specific toilet. 

Not all plungers are created equal! In fact, that traditional plunger shaped like a bowl on a stick might not work for your toilet because of the shape of your toilet’s bowl. You may need to purchase one of those “bellow” plungers with a narrow nozzle in order to maintain a proper seal over the drain and effectively clear blockages. Don’t wait until your toilet is clogged to find out you don’t have the right kind of plunger, they’re only $15 and they’re worth every penny.

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