Where Does My Water Come From?

Where does my water come from

Where Does My Water Come From?

The water coming into your home often travels miles to get there, picking up all sorts of additional contaminants along the way. Water contaminants can, at worst, cause serious issues with your health, or at best alter the taste of your water and make it gross to drink. These are some of the most common contaminants in your water:

1. Bacteria

Water pipes are the perfect place for bacterial growth. They’re dark, moist, and lots of little bits of organic matter flow through them all the time. Bacteria in plumbing can cause minor problems such as odors from your drains, but can also cause major problems that impact your health if the wrong bacteria starts to grow.

2. Chlorine

Municipal water suppliers add chlorine to water to sterilize it just like you do with a swimming pool. The problem is that chlorine reacts with the materials used in household plumbing and damages your plumbing over time, leading to a shorter than expected lifespan for the pipes in almost every house in OC.

3. Nitrates

While this isn’t as big of an issue in Orange County as it might be in the central valley of California, nitrates enter the water supply in runoff from farms treated with fertilizers. They are harmful to your health when consumed frequently for a long time, so it’s best to drink water that doesn’t contain them.

4. Arsenic

Again, while this isn’t a huge issue in most areas of Orange County there are still some rural areas that have trace levels of arsenic in their water. It is highly toxic and can cause various cancers if consumed for too long.

5. Fluoride

Fluoride is a chemical which is often present in ground water but is also added by municipal water authorities in order to help sterilize the water and also provide immediate health benefits to people. There are some concerns about the impact it has on health, but they are not confirmed and this has more benefits than drawbacks. It does change the taste of your water, however, and some people prefer water without it.

6. Iron

Iron is a very common water contaminant, especially since most cities made use of cast iron pipes for the majority of their water mains. The presence of iron doesn’t normally lead to any major problems unless you have other pre-existing conditions, but it can impact the taste of your water.

7. Lead

Lead is a toxic element that leeches into water through old plumbing systems and fixtures. We don’t have to worry too much about lead here in Orange County, but there are still some areas with issues, especially in the oldest homes, so it’s a good idea to do annual water tests to check the content of the water coming into your home.

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